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Comfort Reading

Comfort Reading

It’s been a cloudier-than-normal week in Carmel Valley. I have done some outdoor physical things, but I’ve also done a lot of indoor reading.

One book I am enjoying is called Eat This Poem, by Nicole Gulotta, “a literary feast of recipes inspired by poetry.”

There are five subjects to this poetry/recipe collection–On What Lingers, On Moments in Time, On Growth, On Gathering and On Splendor. Poems from some of my favorite poets–Marge Piercy, Naomi Shihab Nye, Mary Oliver and Billy Collins–are included. Each poem is paired with thoughtful and accessible discussion of the poem’s theme and meaning, and appropriate recipes.

In Jane Hirshfield’s poem “Tree,” for example, Gulotta discusses the “immensity” of life, as exemplified by a redwood tree, with “this clutter of soup pots and books…” in the kitchen, helping to ground us. She then goes on to give the reader some comforting soup recipes.

In another section, Jehanne Dubrow’s poem “Tea,” leads the author to discuss the reflection that often occurs as one is sipping tea and then includes various recipes for sweet baked goods that are nice accompaniments to tea.

How could I resist a book in which the author, in reflecting on Eve Merriam’s “How to Eat a Poem” says, “Life is ‘ready and ripe now,’ so let us be joyful, let us cook and read with pleasure, and let us remember to celebrate each meal for the nourishment it gives us day after day.” Whoosh! I’m there!

And now I add a humble haiku of my own to the mix:

               Italian Buddhist

               Slurping red spaghetti sauce

               Ah, enlightenment.

Happy Reading; Happy Eating!




10 thoughts on “Comfort Reading”

  • I am enjoying every single one of your blogs, but this one speaks to me, especially the one that conjures up soup recipes. Off to eat
    the left over manicotti from last night’s dinner, one pan covered with alfredo sauce, the other with spaghetti sauce – slurp! Then I may buy the book.

    • Love the sound of those leftovers! Woo-hoo! And I think, as one English teacher and food lover to another, you would like this book. Some of the analysis of the poems is so sensitive and “right on,” and the recipes look good. (I’m just making her almond milk now…) SO nice to have you as a part of all of this. Makes my heart happy!

  • Hey, Lynn, do they have a poem on shedding some pounds? You know Italians love to cook and eat! Haven’t mastered how to get rid of weigh? Is there anything on that besides tape across my lips? Could be a poem? Hahahaha!😘

  • Lynn, I love this blog so much! Poetry and food…..and poetry ABOUT food! What’s not to like! Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts with us each week. ♥️

    • Thanks, friend. Poetry and food is a pretty sweet combo. And I’ve done her recipe for almond milk—good!— and will be doing more.

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