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A New Way to Travel

Sometimes it’s nice to have a foreign trip in the hopper.  Sometimes it’s nice to stay home. Right now, we are home and California-oriented. 

What this home orientation is allowing is a series of unexpected gifts. Deepened friendships–with people and nearby places; home projects finally completed–we’re talking a new front gate, repaired clothes drier, new screen doors and windows; and the comfort and grounding of morning routines– reading, writing, coffee making, and walking doggie. 

A new daily ritual involves a short reading, both morning and night, from a book by Lin-Manual Miranda (with Jonny Sun), creator of Hamilton, called appropriately enough GMorning, GNight!.  It’s a delightful collection of Miranda’s messages–“little pep talks for me and you”– originally sent out as tweets, which provide whimsy and inspiration.  For example, one day’s missives include:

                        “Good morning.

                          Keep busy while you wait for the miracle.


                          Good night.

                          Get some rest while you wait for the miracle.”

Our home focus has also allowed us to create many “staycations-plus.”  We have revisited and bonded with places and friends north in San Francisco and Palo Alto, and south in San Luis Obispo, Cambria and Los Osos. We’ve heard one of our favorite Brazilian singers–Caetano Veloso and his sons perform in Oakland.  We’re going to a lecture of one of our favorite newscasters/authors, Thomas Friedman, next week to support our local library.  We’ve discovered new “happy hours” and wineries just around the corner, well, almost, and we’ve reveled in meeting friends for coffee or wine on a spontaneous whim.

This close-to-home time has also fostered some unique creative endeavors. One is an upcoming art show of my collages based on vintage family fabrics.  Another is a writing project called, appropriately enough, Around the World in 80 Ways: A Guide to Creative Vicarious Travel.  I’m living my research!

Though the gypsy in me is alive and well and yearning to “get out there,” for now she’s appreciating the small joys of being close to home and being with the ones she loves.  Even Baci, our VW van, is happily, or so we think, enjoying her own backyard, and not having to test the reliability of her coolant tank or fan belts on a cross-country adventure. 

And so…as I look out over our mountain and valley with a home-brewed cappuccino in hand, I honor the beauty of what my life is, right now.

What a gift

To be home

long enough

to see

the plums


on our tree.

12 thoughts on “A New Way to Travel”

  • This post is one of my favorites – such a simple message.
    Rich and I have done a lot of road trips in our life together –
    some great, some not, but always interesting. Loved the tone and
    the sense of appreciation this post conveys. Goes along
    with my mantra – Be Present.
    Thanks, Lynn

  • Well you know that I have always thought that every minute in your cozy beautiful home is a vacation. As my role model, you know I too love to wander but it is always a joy to get back home and how lucky we are to live in such wonderful places! Home Sweet Home are true words. Enjoy!

    • You’re right–we both live in special places. “Home Sweet Home,” indeed. How fortunate we are!💚

  • Molly gave us GMorining, GNight! as Christmas gifts this year. I love the simplicity of Miranda’s messages.

    Given the beauty and peacefulness of your California home, I’m surprised you ever want to leave! Then again, I know your gypsy soul.

    I feel grounded and protected when I’m in my home.

    I LOVE that you are living your research!!

    • I love envisioning you sitting in YOUR magical home reading Miranda’s words! How many gifts we have in our lives…praise be.
      Sending love across the many miles💚

  • Oh the simple joys of home, and the richness of your Carmel Valley life so beautifully described. Travel and home. It’s ALL good, isn’t it.

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