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Light Fare

Some weeks, I just need to keep it light.  Last week was one of those weeks.  Here’s what I did when guests came for dinner and an overnight:

  1. I had a simple table centerpiece*–one doll, two vases of flowers, three glassybaby candles. 

  2. I served an easy-to-make Taco Salad in Finnish Arabia bowls* I had brought back from Sweden 50 (!) years ago.


  3. I accompanied the bowls with my colorful Sabre mix-and-match silverware*.

  4. For breakfast the next morning, I served everything on the placemats* given to us by our guests. You can order similar ones!  Ours has an “A” for our last name, and I have to admit that the good student in me loves seeing that “grade” with every meal. Made of remnants of canvas and sailcloth, they are the creations of our friends at their company called San Juan Canvas Company  These mats are the perfect size for a boat, or a VW Van (!), or as far as I’m concerned, our dining room table.  Check out their other products and services, too.  I have many of their canvas bags and they make for fun personalized gifts.

5. And on our guests’ suggestion, I used my Lenox plates* which have been in storage for a long time for what we are now calling “Lenox Tuesdays.”   

 SO…there you have it.  Light fare… some weeks are like that!

*Waterlogue is a fun iOS app for I Phones that provides some watercolor-like filters to images. 

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