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Thoughts Around the Table

What an unusual Thanksgiving season this has been. There we sat around a beautiful and bountiful dining table with wonderful friends feeling blessed, while others in our region were experiencing tremendous losses. We thanked the recent rain that brought relief to the fire areas and our parched earth and yet hoped that it would not create more difficulties. As we went around the table saying what we were thankful for, simple but essential things emerged: the sun, water, gravity, love, friends, family, life.

A few years ago I wrote the following:

The river rushes by

and I sit




that life too

passes quickly

And so

I draw one more breath in


and give thanks


Yes.  And I thank you for being a part of this small blog community as I, and we, explore how to “bring joy to the table,” My hope is that by being as positive and grateful as possible, we will be able to navigate all that life presents us in a healthy, balanced way.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts Around the Table”

  • Juxtaposition. Dichotomy. Contradiction. Some of the confusing realities we humans have to acknowledge can exist side by side, within and outside of us.

    • So true, Kristen. Thank you for sharing your perspective. At times, it can be a challenge to balance and deal wisely with the complexities in our lives and in the world around us. We just keep at it though, I guess, doing the best we can and hopefully learning all the way.

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